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Elevating Our Team: A Closer Look At Two BCC Family Members Well-Deserved Promotions

Exciting news at Birchwood Construction as we proudly announce the well-deserved promotions of two of our exceptional family members. In this blog post, we delve into the journey and achievements of Tina Felton and Jason Zeigler, celebrating their dedication, expertise, and invaluable contributions to our company's growth and success.

Tina Felton | Dream Manager Tina served as the Controller for BCC the past three years. Now she serves BCC's Dream Manager. Tina has the unique opportunity to "love on others" by walking beside our family members through difficult situations, assisting them in overcoming life's challenges and fulfilling their personal and professional aspirations.

"Birchwood is more than an employer, it's a family and every member is important to our success," Felton notes.

This role includes management of our BCC family wellness program, as well as the BCC family fund. Tina and her husband Mark, have four grown children. Together they enjoy traveling, boating, and spending time outside with family and friends. 


Jason Zeigler | Project Manager

Jason served as the Estimator for BCC for the past 4 years, and was recently promoted to a Project Manager.

As a project manager for BCC, Jason works closely with our homeowners, building relationships and ensuring their vision is carried throughout. Prior to joining Birchwood, Jason worked as a finish carpenter for a custom builder in Columbus, Ohio.

"Birchwood is a wonderful place because of its strong emphasis on craftsmanship and relationships. As a lover of aesthetics, seeing the fine craftsmanship we provide in every home, from framing to finish, is great. Beyond that, Birchwood strives to develop strong, lasting relationships with our clients but also with the entire staff," Jason shares.

Jason is married to his wife, Lyndee, whom he has known since 4th grade and they recently welcomed a daughter, Jovial. They live on the East side of the Northern Lower Peninsula and enjoy time outdoors hiking and sightseeing. 


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