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Lake Living

There is something nostalgic about spending time on a lake. Waking up on your own slice of paradise and watching the sunrise over the lake, a gentle morning breeze as you enjoy your coffee, fun-filled days spent on the water that easily turn into relaxing nights with the soothing sound of water. Lake living feels like a never-ending vacation – and who wouldn’t want that?

With over 45 lakes in the Northern Michigan region, there isn’t a wrong choice. Sandy shorelines or rock collectors paradise, the lakeshores up north offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should consider life at the lake.

1. Healthy benefits. Lake living is peaceful, easy going, and serene. Studies have shown that being around water creates a unique way to relax, and can induce meditation, allowing you to be more mindful and slow down to refocus.

2. Easy entertaining. Everything from parties, cookouts, boat rides, bonfires, water sports, and more, there certainly isn’t a shortage of activities to enjoy. When you live lakeside, everyone wants to spend time at your house.

3. The view. From sun up to sun down, you have a front row seat to the gorgeous start of the day and spectacular sunsets at night.

4. Better nights rest. We all know sleep is crucial to good health. When you live in a peaceful setting, your sleep will improve. Less noise pollution from city life, as well as a serene environment, will make it easier to sleep soundly.

5. More quality time. Maybe it’s hearing small footsteps and contagious giggles flood the hallways when your children wake. Watching them grow up to have children of their own. Sharing a dinner table with your family. Savoring a glass of wine on the deck as you watch the sun retire for the day. Whatever it is, will feel more meaningful for the time spent together.

These are the moments you hold closest to your heart, why not savor them at your dream home? When you’re ready to build, we are here to help you build a lifetime of memories. Contact The Birchwood Family


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