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Painting More Than Walls- A Custom Distressed Floor on Burt Lake

Distressed painting is a technique used to create a vintage/aged appearance. The process involves deliberately creating marks and scratches to give the surface an aged or weathered look. This technique was used on a recent project on Burt Lake, to mimic the flooring of the homeowners vision of a hundred-year-old floor they have in Ohio.

Our masterful painters prepared the space and began with a base white. To achieve the desired look, they needed to draw the squares to mimic tiles, which required great attention to detail. The next steps involved painting the squares to desired checker pattern, followed by creating the grooves for the full, finished look the client was hoping for.

This floor is a distinctive, unique look that cannot be replicated by a standard floor.

No dream is too big at Birchwood Construction & McCaffrey Painting. Our craftsmen and women are here to make your vision a reality.


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