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We live with a spirit of generosity. Our goal is to use our gifts to touch the lives of others and build a thriving community through volunteerism, altruism, and community involvement. 

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We recognize the foundation of any great community are the families that make up that community. We gave back in a small way to the center piece of any family, its children.   


Our 50 Dreams for Fifty Kids initiative recognized not only the value of kids having a dream, but also the importance to the success of dreams coming true! We recognize a huge piece of this is the schools that serve the communities where we live and the role our teachers play in that success. That can be seen every day throughout Northern Michigan!


At the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year, the 5th grade teachers from the Petoskey Schools prompted their students to write an essay on the topic of dreams. The students discussed that dreams are a cherished aspiration or a goal. They can be small or large, short-term or long-term, and personal or for others. Each student was asked to write about one of their short-term dreams. Why was it important? Who would benefit from this dream coming true and how would they feel if it did?


These dream essays were shared with the Birchwood Family anonymously. Working with several benevolent individuals and businesses, together we made 50 of those dreams come true!

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The Birchwood Family came together in December for our Thanks 4 Giving event. It was an opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions made during the year as well as expressing our gratitude for each other.


Recognizing not all are as fortunate, Birchwood Family members generously donated money to help pay the lunch debts of 13 students at Ottawa Elementary school in Petoskey. We hope to have brought comfort to the children’s families who are struggling to make ends meet.

We are thankful to employ generous individuals who care about our community’s children and their futures!



The mission of the Little Traverse Conservancy is to protect the natural diversity and beauty of Northern Michigan by preserving significant land and scenic areas, and fostering appreciation and understanding of the environment across Chippewa, Mackinac, Emmet, Cheboygan, and Charlevoix counties. The Birchwood Family does not take for granted the place in which we live and work. Our recent Open House benefitted the Little Traverse Conservancy and we were both grateful and proud to have the opportunity to present a check to support the Little Traverse Conservancy and their mission on behalf of the Birchwood Family. If you have not, check out the 107 miles of wonderful trails at the various preserves and consider financially supporting this tremendous organization.



Camp Paradise is a beautiful faith based summer camp located on a 1,000 acres in the Upper Peninsula on the banks of the Tahquamenon River. The camp offers a peaceful and remote opportunity to truly "unplug" while strengthening the vital role God and Dads play in the lives of their sons and daughters.


Partners Tom Adams and Ken Provost have both experienced Camp Paradise with their own kids. Over the years, members of the Birchwood Family have volunteered to help build cabins, finish the interior of a beautiful new chapel, and played a part in recruiting a network of Dads from the Petoskey and Harbor Springs area to attend camp with their own kids. We encourage you to consider creating your own memories at Camp Paradise: Learn more here.

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